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DJK sat down with Sean Keeler this weekend and opened up on just about everything. It is a great read.

DJK interview with Sean Keeler

I know the cynics will say he is playing and saying the right things to get to the NFL, and that might be true. But most athletes I have ever heard talk can’t get out of their way and when given the chance they will say what they feel and say the absolute wrong thing when given the chance.

So, that is why it is so interesting reading DJK’s comments. He could have dug into the U of I and Coach Ferentz, but DJK really didn’t say anything negative and actually says the coaching staff does everything they can to help the athletes.

Iowa State released drawings of their new North endzone scoreboard. Thoughts? Underwhelmed? Ugly? Doesn’t ISU have a pretty good design school? Size matters, but so does appearance at some point right?

Think Rich Rod at Michigan was a good idea? Me either. Hell, Rich Rod agrees…

I think it’s easy to go back now and say, “Gee, made a mistake.” And you can say that now because of hindsight. But at the time, some of the things I was looking to do and the opportunity that was there you kind of make the move. The frustrating part for us was that we thought we battled through the tougher times to get it to this point where we had a lot of the team coming back and we thought we were getting ready to take off, but you know hindsight is always easier to look back and say, “it was a mistake.” Because we did have a good thing going at West Virginia, and we really enjoyed it. As you look back at it, wasn’t the best move. Easy to say now.

You get the feeling that next year might be huge for the Stormers. It seems like a team that doesn’t get breaks one year, will get them all the next year. If that is the case, Iowa could be in for a big year next year. Get your tickets today.

The Barnstormers have lost on field goals with no time remaining the last two weeks.

Get to Wells Fargo Wednesday night.

Iowa Energy opened up the Finals with an impressive 123-106 win at Rio Grande Valley. The Energy can win the Championship Wednesday night right here in Des Moines. There better be 10,000 + at Wells Fargo Wednesday night. Get out there.

Speaking of the Energy, Jerry Crawford and the rest of the Energy brain trust is so sure that Head Coach Nick Nurse will be moving to the big time that they have named a coach-in-waiting. The Energy have promoted 35-year-old Nate Bjorkgren to associate head coach and have said he will take over for Nurse as head coach if Nurse gets promoted to the NBA.

Nurse deserves a shot, I mean look at his track record. The guy can flat out coach.

I know it is early and at a lot of stadiums the weather hasn’t been great, but who the hell is going to baseball games? Tune into any game on TV and look at the stands. There are empty seats everywhere. I know the MLB is making their money the way every other league is these days – TV, but god lord there is no one in the seats.

As you may have heard, Brandon Marshall was stabbed by his new wife late last week. He underwent emergency surgery to his stomach. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Marshall told police after the incident that he slipped and cut himself on a vase. Riiiight. It is the second time in 2-years that Marshall has “slipped” and cut himself.

On March 22, 2008 Marshall underwent emergency surgery to repair a right forearm that had suffered lacerations to a vein, artery, nerve, tendons and muscles following an accident at his Orland, Fla. home. Marshall intially said he slipped on a McDonald’s wrapper and put his arm through a TV set. He later recanted, saying he was engaged in horseplay wrestling with his brother when his arm went through the TV set. [DenverPost.com]

Nice win by the Blackhawks in OT Sunday night to force a game 7 late Tuesday night. Since we are just getting into the playoffs how about this to get you into the mood? over at The Awl recorded and ranked the goal horns of all the NHL teams.

Enjoy – The Awl NHL Goal Horns

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