Weekend wrap

Word from Mary-Greely Hospital in Ames is that the Cyclones were treated for gun shot wounds to both feet Saturday night. Another week, another first quarter of self inflicted damage.

Big time turnovers and big time penalties. When you play a team like Texas you don’t need to help them dig the hole. I’ve seen a lot of talk that Texas didn’t out play ISU, ISU played themselves out of the game. While ISU did make mistakes, there was absolutely no chance Texas was going to lose that game. Yardage might have been close, but Texas didn’t need to do much.

The defense was able to slow Texas down, but they weren’t going to stop them. The D was on the field a ton in the first half and even with three turnovers in the first quarter Texas was only up 13-0. On the other side of the ball ISU couldn’t muster anything offensively. When anything positive did happen it was undone by undisciplined football.

Iowa State could easily be 0-4. They escaped UNI, beat Iowa in a coin toss OT game and beat UConn, who by the way lost to Western Michigan 38-31 Saturday. They were beat up figuratively and literrally Saturday night. It will be interesting to see how this team responds.

At least Jamie Pollard got a little good news Saturday night. It was the second largest crowd at Jack Trice, 56,390. The largest crowd was 56,795 in 2007 vs. Northern Iowa. Also, the first three home games have set a new attendance record, 167,147.

ISU gets Baylor this week, which is coming off a heart breaking loss at Kansas State. I don’t think that will bode well for the Clones.

College Football

Big Ten
I think it has been said and written about 2 million times in the past 24-hours – Welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska. You think Tom Osborne is a little more annoyed with Jim Delany and the rest of the honchos in the Big Ten office for sending the Cornhuskers to the Madison right out of the shoot? Wisconsin man-handled the Huskers Saturday night raising a lot of questions as NE heads into the Big Ten season.

Wisconsin looked great on the field and the Wisconsin crowd was pretty awesome also. I am not a fan of the wave at stadiums, but the slow motion wave was pretty cool and the traditional “Jump Around” at the end of the 3rd quarter looked sweet on TV. Also the crowd put together a great chant midway through the 4th quarter:

“Big Ten Football.” Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. “Big Ten Football.”

In Champaign, Illinois linebacker Jonathan Brown checks to see if anyone is looking and then knees a Northwestern lineman in the groin. Stay classy Illinois –

In the rest of College FB, the Top 5 set the cruise control early Saturday and coasted home…I think we can officially put the fork in Stephen Garcia and the old ball coaches’ Gamecocks….Clemson looks damn good. An impressive win in Blacksburg and they don’t have much on the schedule the rest of the way. Could they be this years’ Auburn?

Texas A&M’s first foray into the SEC fell flat. The Aggies haven’t beaten an SEC team in 16 years…TCU laid an egg at home against TCU. SMU put an end to TCU’s 22-game home win streak and 25-game regular-season winning streak…By the way, the Kansas throw back unis were pretty sweet.

Detroit 34, Dallas 30 - Looks like it might actually be worth watching the Lions game this Thanksgiving. I might even have to reschedule dinner time. Seriously, Calvin Johnson is pretty darn good. Going up against three Cowboys and bringing the ball down for a TD – not too shabby.

Green Bay 49, Denver 23 - It is going to be hard to beat the Packers, because you might need to score 50 points to win.

Chicago 34, Carolina 29 - Nice to see the Hawkeyes represented as Devin Hester returned another punt to the house. Jason Baker kicked and Hester out ran Sean Considine for the score. Hester now holds the NFL record for punt and kickoff returns for touchdowns.

Kansas City 22, Minnesota 17 – Think anyone in the Vikings front office called Kiln, LA today? What a disaster in the Twin Cities. If you have Donovan McNabb on your fantasy team I think you might want to go ahead and drop him. The Vikes are sitting behind Green Bay and Detroit, who are both sitting at 4-0, so you can kiss the playoffs bye-bye. Next to the main stage Christian Ponder.

San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 23 – When do you think that “Dream Team” is going to wake up? The Eagles are 1-3 sitting at the bottom looking up at the NFC East.

San Diego 26, Miami 16 -The Chargers have had problems getting the motor going early in the season, so they have to be pretty happy sitting at 3-1. They have a good shot to move to 4-1 and get to the bye.

I am still trying to recover from the final day of the regular season, but the playoffs are underway and the Brew Crew is rolling.

By the way, did you know the Cards won the NL Central this year? Budweiser seems to think so…

In other baseball news, chatter around Chicago is that the Cubs might make a play for Theo Epstein, the curent Red Sox GM. Tweet from national baseball writer Joel Sherman:

“I am shocked, but in last 36 hrs every exec [I] talk to says [they] believe #RedSox will give permission and Theo will go to #Cubs to be GM”.

There is also talk that Carlos Zambrano might be headed to South Beach to join Ozzie Guillen. As a Cubs fan all I can say is – Please, Please, Please.

According to a report in Venezuela’s El Nacional by reporter Ignacio Serrano, Guillen has reached out to Zambrano and wants to bring him to Miami. Zambrano is owed $18 million next season on his contract, and the report says the Marlins would pay that money in deferred payments. [via Muskrat Blog]

And, did you know the U.S. Forest Service helped save baseball?

In April 2008, a jagged projectile of maple wood hurtled into the stands at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and struck Susan Rhodes in the face. She left the ballpark with a concussion and a broken jaw. By June, Major League Baseball (MLB) had commissioned a $500,000 investigation into the alarming number of bats that had shattered that season, including more than 750 in just three months.

In their 50-page report to MLB, the researchers, led by U.S. Forest Service engineer Dave Kretschmann, pinned blame squarely on two culprits: the type of wood (maple) and the cut of the grain.

MLB has since mandated that bat manufacturers place an inkblot on the handle of every maple bat they make. The ink bleeds along the grain of the wood, allowing a third-party agency contracted by the league to ensure that the fibers run at an angle of no more than 3 degrees from vertical. As a result, the number of splintered bats plunged by 30 percent in 2009 and continued a steady descent last season.

And Finally…
The 2012 Ryder Cup is coming to Chicago at Medinah next September. To celebrate being a year out from the tourney U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III and European Ryder Cup Captain José María Olazábal did a few promotion shots.

The hole? Modeled after No. 17 at Medinah, the two teed off from 220-yards away. Oh, they were also 16 floors up in the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

Also, I am pissed that Subway has brought back the stupid $5 footlong song and ad. I really, really hate that thing. I’ll be going to Jimmy Johns.

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